ERHA Launches an On-Line Library Facility

Medical students are now equipped with the necessary tools to access research material as the Eastern Regional Health Authority (ERHA) introduces an On-Line Library Facility at the Sangre Grande Hospital in collaboration with the University of the West Indies (UWI).

Mr. Ronald Tsoi-a-Fatt, Chief Executive Officer, ERHA together with representatives of UWI opened the On-Line Library Facility at the Sangre Grande Hospital on November 29, 2018.

In his address Mr. Tsoi-a-Fatt indicated that the ERHA embraced the opportunity to collaborate with the University of the West Indies, one of its key stakeholders when approached to establish facilities for library services within the Eastern Region. He further stated that through the fruitful partnership, the Sangre Grande Hospital has gained accreditation for the training of medical students and post graduate students have also benefited from the practical experience gained in the Accident and Emergency and Anesthesiology Departments.

With the opening of an On-Line Library Facility, medical professionals are now able to access information at the hospital to better equip themselves to be able to quickly respond to the changes in the environment, assisting them in the delivery of quality healthcare. With the click of a button, these professionals can access material on disease trends and risk factors, outcomes of treatment of public health interventions and other areas of healthcare which will greatly enhance their knowledge.

Professor Chidum Ezenwaka, Deputy Dean, Basic Health Sciences, UWI reminded the audience about the transition in education from books as the main resource to the use of cellular phones, laptops and the Internet by students to access information today.  He pointed out that the opening of the On-Line Library Facility enabled UWI to fulfil a key aspect of their educational requirement to attain accreditation and also to provide a valuable resource to their students.  He further stated that this demonstrates the commitment the University of the West Indies has in raising the bar and the standards of the education system and expressed his gratitude to all those associated with the project.

The ERHA continues to foster partnerships to empower its staff to broaden their horizons demonstrating that, Caring is the Key.


Release Date: Wednesday 05 December, 2018